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        DPR-320B Tropical Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging machine


     DPR-320B Tropical (ALU/PVC/ALU) Blister Packaging machine is invented on the basis of national-level key mew products and adopted three domestic patents (patent No: ZL01239101. 8 and ZL01239100. X). And this packing machine won the third-class award of scientific and technological progress of Rui'an city. We improve the technical level and capability of DPR-320 to make the packaging further perfect.

   ◆    In Nov. 2001, the machine has got appraisal certificate of new products scientific and technological achievement of ZheJiang province

◆    In July 2003, the machine obtained the title of national- level key new products.

◆    In Dec. 2003, the machine obtained “second prize of scientific and technological progress of Wenzhou city"

Our machines were already used in many large pharmaceutical factories at home and exported to America and Europe, and also got users' favorable comment at present.

    Packing: medicine (capsules, tablets, pills, vial, soft gel, powder, pellet, water injection); food (chewing gum, coffee, milk slice, biscuit, candy, liquid chocolate); cosmetics (perfume, lipstick), other similar products (battery, electron, toothbrush, toys, knife, liquid, hardware).   

DPR-320 bubble cap packing sample for alu-pvc-alu

Work flow: The PVC entered into forming mould to be molded after heating, then filling the medicaments by double-current feeder, and make memory of wasted plate by detector system, and then enveloped at the hot-envelop unit(1), it pass the AL/PVC bridge unit by servo motor traction, then enveloped with the formed tropical AL at hot-envelop unit(2), and enter into cutting unit through second traction, and finally delete the waster and output good products.

 Functions and Features of DPR-320B Tropical Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging machine :

1. Transmission organization: adopts the most new-type high-power transmission chain to drive the main drive shaft, avoiding the errors and noises when the gear wheel under transmission.

2. Electric apparatus system: adopts German Siemens PLC controlling system or Japan Omron PLC controlling system, resulting each station transmission is programmable.

3. Detection system: according to customers’ requirement, it adopts camera detector which can distinguish 5% different shape of pharmaceutical sample and delete it automatically. Or it adopts the optic fibre detecting & eliminating system that can count and reject empty blister pack.

4. Pneumatic system: adopts photo electricity control and programs with PLC that make each operating station accurate. It guarantees the stability of moving ahead simultaneously when packing products operating in many stations and long distances.

5. Photoelectric registration for printing equipment: using photoelectric indexing device makes print pictures and texts to be clear and pleased, and improve the level of the products packing.

6. Split combined type body: It is convenient to enter the purification workshop and fitted up smoothly for the user.

7. All the parts is made of stainless steel and prevent the across infect which completely meets the "GMP" standard.



 40,000-100,000 pieces/hour

 Cutting frequency:

 5-30 (adjustable) times/minute

 Travel adjusting range:


 Max. forming area and depth of PVC:


 Max. forming area and depth of tropic Aluminum foil :


 Heating plate power of forming:

 1.5(upper)KW    1.5(lower)KW

 Hot-sealing power of Alu-Plastic:


 Hot-sealing power of tropic Aluminum and Alu-Plastic:


 Power of main motor:


 Capacity of air compressor:


 Width of packing material:

 PVC Plastic: 320mm,  Alu Foil PTP :320mm, Tropic Aluminum: 320mm



 Overall size:


 Size of split type:

 2800×750×1600mm    2300×750×1600mm

Composition of Pharmaceutical Blister Machinery Equipment

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