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        GBZ-300A Transparent Membrance Automatic Packing Machine


Product Description


     The automatic packager of transparent membrane of GBZ-300A collects mechanics-electronics-pneumatics integration .It adopts computer control system, and servo motor to feed, in order to make sealing and cutting synchronously and accurately, running steadily. It also makes temperature controlling, seals cutting, transmission, material delivering and automatic packaging control integrative automatically. GBZ-300 packing machine owns features of compact design, simple operating and convenient maintenance. It is the ideal packaging equipment for small carton transparent membrane packaging.

    Its main electrical motor attaching the gearbox is imported from German, and the imported servo electrical motor and other pneumatic components and parts. Thus it makes the machine more steadier, perfect, guarantees to lengthen the service life of the machine.

     This wrapping machine can be used extensively suitable to  transparent membrane packaging of small box, and be good at sealing, damp proof, and beauty performance. It can replace medium packaging and economize large quantities of resources and production cost and packing costs.


     It's generally used in in many kinds industry for the article packaging, such as large pharmaceutical factory, food factory, medical equipment, daily smalls, electronic products, health products, chemical industry and tobacco, etc.



 Packing material:

 BOPP film, heat seal shrinking film

 Packaging speed:

 25-40 parcels/minute

 Packaging size (mm):

 Length 45-300, width 40-190, thickness 10-40

 Power source:

 380V 50HZ

 Total power:



 about 750Kg



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