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DCT-250 Medicine Packaging Automatic Production Line
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GBZ Transparent Film Automatic Packing Machine
DLL-160 Multifunctional Automatic Double Aluminum Packing Machine
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DPZ-260 paper card type multi-functional packaging machine
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  All Products >> DLL-160 Multifunctional Automatic Double Aluminum Packing Machine >> DLL-160D Automatic Alu-alu Strip Packing Machine, Soft alu capsule packaging
    Product Readme

DLL-160D Automatic Alu-alu Strip Packing Machine

(automatic soft double alu Foil Packing machine)

Product Description :

    DLL-160D automatic Alu-alu strip Packing machine is a new type one that we adopt automatic control technology and then create and design. It has the characteristics such as high technological content. novel structure. high efficiency, low noise, conveniently manipulating and mending etc.

    It is suit able for packing of troche, capsule and electronic component of vocations such as pharmacy, electron and food etc. and it is also suitable for the packing of nubby objects such as candy etc. It has a good function of protecting form light and sealing. it adopts PLC control ,its procedures such as filling, hot sealing, printing batch code, cutting, adjusting procedure etc. Can be randomly set. It can not be limited by common type machine's machinery ranking gear, speed prop -ortion. So the work will more convenient, the speed of packing will be high, the effect of the packing will be better.



  30,000-65,000 pieces/hour    

 Punching Frequency:

 30-60 Time/min

 Total Power:

  220V 50Hz 2Kw 




 ≥0.1m3/ min



 Overall Dimensions:

 1200 X 850 X 1700mm

 Dimensions of packing Box

 1300 X 1000 X 1800mm

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