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 DPH-260 Full-Automatic High Speed Automatic Blister Packing Machine   

   (for ALU-PVC)

DPH-260 Roller-plate high speed bubble cap packaging machine collected plate type forming and roller sealing as incorporator. It applies to medicine packaging, such as variety specification of sugar coated or uncoated tablet, capsule, soft gel, injection and so on. It’s also suitable for packing small hardware, electronical element, medical devices and foods which shapes are similar with above pharmaceuticals.

Package: pharmaceuticals (capsules, tablets, pills, soft gel, water injection, syringe, granule, vial, eyedrop); food (chewing gum, coffee, candy, milk slice, chocolate bean); cosmetics (lipstick, perfume); other similar products (battery, electron, glue water, toothbrush, toys, knife,  hardware, health products, liquid, commodity) and  etc.

 DPH-260 Automatic Machine Feature:

1. High speed, high stability and high accuracy when machine running.

2. Width of PVC and PTP both are 260mm, which designing is more humanized.

3. Flat plate is front pressure to form, roller plate type to seal, thus making the grid pattern more beautiful.

4. It can be equipped with universal feeding system or special pipeline feeding system according to the shape of medicines.

5. PLC human-machine interface control system to operate, stepless frequency inverter to main transmission. Each station adopts an independent worm gear reducer and link universal coupling device.

6. The cutting frequency is up to 40-160 blister plates /minute (the speed is adjustable according to the format length).

7. Printing batch numbers and expiry date, and plate impressing adopts plate drawing type handy replacement structure.

8. Lengthen filling platform which can improve yield and easy to be equipped with camera detection, automatic eliminate convey system, and conveyor link to automatic carton packing machine.

9. Cross cutting (borderless cutting) will not waste packing materials. This blister machine can save packing materials about 10%.

10. Adopting servo traction system, make stroke length be adjustable arbitrary, accurate and consistent. The cutting position is easy to adjust which make plate perfect.

11. This high speed roller-plate blister packing machine is easy to replace mould and guide rail. The mould for ALU-PVC adopts orientation chute, and the guide rail adopts integral aluminum alloy structure, which make installation be more convenient.

12. This packager is designed only for alu-pvc packing function, and it also can be embossig printing batch numbers and expiry dates.

DPH-260 High Speed Sealing Machine Specification:

Cutting frequency:

40~160 times/minute (ALU/Plastic)

that means 300-500 blister sheets/ minute

Max.forming area:

 245×110 mm

Max.forming depth:

 12 mm

Travel adjusting:

 150~250 mm

Size of standard plate:

 80×57 mm

Width and thickness of

PVC and PTP:

 PVC:260×0.15~0.30mm  PTP:260×0.02~0.03mm

Power supply:

 380V  50HZ, main motor :1.1KW heating:10.8KW

Air Capacity :


Cooling water:

 Tap water or cycling water, 60L/H

Overall size:




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